How to Make a Return Label with EcoReturns

eCommerce returns are an unavoidable aspect of running an online business. However, did you know there are multiple ways in which returns can be used to your company’s benefit? One of such ways is to generate label. In this article, you will learn how to make a return label with EcoReturns. A return label makes the entire return and exchange process for your customers seamless and hassle-free, saving time and money for your brand in the long run.  

Most business owners often view returns causing a negative impact on their brand, but what they mostly overlook is that a simple returns process can actually urge customers to shop from your store again. In this article we will explain all the necessary details about return labels and how you can make a return label with EcoReturns- 

What is a Return Label?

A return label is a pre-addressed and pre-paid shipping label for customers to attach to the package while returning an item. There are two ways sellers ensure their customers receive the return shipping label: 

  • Send with the package – This is the simplest and quickest way for your customers to receive the return label. All you need to do is print the return label and attach it to the package. The customer can then directly take the item he wishes to return to the courier. 
  • Send an email – In this case, you need to send an email with the return shipping label attached to your customer’s registered email address. He can then download the label, get it printed and attach it to the package. However, many times customers find it challenging to get the label printed by themselves, either because they do not have a printer at home or they don’t have the time. In such a scenario, it’s best to tie up with a returns management solution like EcoReturns that can print the return label on your behalf and send it to the customer.  

Out of the two ways mentioned above, the most convenient option is for you to send the return label attached to the package. Remember, as a business owner your goal is to make your customer’s life easier. Happy customers = reduced returns and increased profits for your business.  

Here are the top reasons why eCommerce businesses provide return labels to customers attached to the package- 

how to make a return label

Saves your customer’s time and effort

Your customers will have a ready-made label available in case they wish to return an item. They do not need to take the pain of requesting a label or learning how to make a return label themselves. This will save a lot of his time and effort, and make the return process smoother.  

Ensures the item is returned to the correct address

The major fear that comes with your customers handling returns themselves is that they may inaccurately address the package. It would be a major loss if you already initiated a refund but never received your item. 

Return Labels don’t cost money unless used

Until and unless your customer decides to actually return an item, attaching the return label to the package costs you nothing. However, if he wishes to return it’s an added benefit for both you and your shopper.  

How to Make a Return Label with EcoReturns

The first step to providing return labels to your customers is to add an online return portal on your eCommerce site. With returns management solutions such as EcoReturns, you can create a branded return portal and embed it in the footer of your website. It will make it easier for your customers to place a return/exchange request themselves without having to speak with a bot or a customer care executive. Remember your customers would want to place a return request by themselves just the way they purchased the item from your online store. Your customers love self-service! 

A return portal also gives you complete visibility of your returns and exchanges. You can adjust the return rules as per your brand policy, for example, allowing returns and exchanges for orders that are less than a month old. 

How EcoReturns Makes Return Label Generation Easy

Creating your return label can be tedious if you haven’t tied up with the right returns solution. EcoReturns gives you complete visibility of all your returns and exchanges and makes it easy for you to generate label. Once a return request comes in, you can automate accepting or rejecting the request based on your return policy. EcoReturns can also act as a smart label tracker for your brand. Check out the video below and understand in detail how to generate a label easily with EcoReturns- 

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Return Labels

If you are in the eCommerce industry, you must be aware that returns are inevitable. However, it’s up to you to make the process as simple and quick as possible for your shoppers. Generate label to enhance customer satisfaction and reduce the returns processing time for your company and your shoppers. To know more about how to generate return labels with EcoReturns, get in touch with us now.  

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